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Welcome to the Solar Innovations home page!
Here you will find the services and products offered by our company
that are geared towards the power source of the new millenium!
-Swimming pool heating
-Domestic hot water
-Solar radiant heat
-Portable and rural filtration
and pasteurization
-PV System sizing and design
-Home solar energy analysis
Solar energy home design
-Solar showers
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-Heat loss calculations
Energy tip of the month!
Passive Solar Design
Active Solar Design
-Natural air circulation and ventilation
for heating and cooling
-Forced air circulation and ventilation\
for heating and cooling
-Thermosyphon heating and hot water systems
-Pump assisted heating and hot water systems
-Daylighting schemes
-Active hot water, air or combination
sunspaces, solariums and sun rooms
-Emergency purification
and pasteurization
-Back up heating systems
-Passive heat gain and storage using
sunspaces, solarariums and sun rooms.
-System design and installation
Serving eastern and central Massachusetts and the southern New Hampshire area.
Or call Tom at   Solar Innovations      Lowell, MA        978-394-3555
MA license Plumbing, Heating and Gas #24853
-Complete system service, repair, maintenance, installation.and tank replacement
Mechanical Engineer
The Solar Pet House Heater
-Home space heating
  With the summer coming to an end, it's a good time to give your solar energy systems an
inspection to ensure the summer's heat didn't cause any damage or create any faults in your
system. Check hot water systems for proper operation by checking mechanical parts such as
pumps and differential controller to ensure that sensors are still properly working and there are
no leaks. Check antifreeze that may have been subjected to boiling conditions. Check water
tanks for safety valve operation and leaks from high summer temperatures. Inspect PV panels for
proper voltages to ensure no cracks or wire connections have been compromised. Clean panels
from summertime pollen.
-Battery charging
-Marine / RV systems
-Micro hydro
-Emergency backup systems for heating and lights.
-Starter and larger systems
PV-Photovoltaic / electric systems
-Rack and mounting design
-Innovative energy saving construction
-DC lighting
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-Service and repair
Home water filtration and softeners
We work hard and fast to save you energy and money!
Installer for:
Over 30 years in  plumbing and construction and over 15 years in the solar energy business.