The Heated and Cooled Dog / Pet House
Solar powered ---The clean, renewable power source for the new millenium!    
Pet activated and thermostatically controlled for maximum efficiency and comfort!
Easily switched from heating in winter to cooling in summer.
Helps to reduce shedding
Keeps your pets
warm and dry in the winter,
spring and fall
cool and refreshed all summer.
Guarantees your pet's safety and comfort against the elements for
those times when you may not be available to properly care for your
Allows for more outdoor time !
Your year round, outside pets will thank you!!
House  sizes
Battery sizing
House features
Pricing and ordering
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Small pet house                 $495.00 +shipping
Medium pet house             $585.00 +shipping
Large pet house                $625.00 + shipping
A Solar Innovations
shown with unfinished exterior
Double wide pet house   $850.00 + shipping
Xlg pet house                $695.00 + shipping
Fully finished and insulated interior with an R-value of 14!
Still the original, heated, coooled and fully insulated pet house that started it all! Since  2000!
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Xlg and double wide models now available
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