Pet House Features
Fully finished and insulated pet compartment with an R-value of 14+ !
Pet compartment heating and cooling remote bulb thermostat:
- maintains proper comfort levels
- helps to reduce power consumption.
- thermostat control located outside pet compartment to prevent pet
Includes one, unbreakable, 20 watt solar panel for lifetime battery
Separate, ventilated and heated battery compartment for maximum safety and battery life!
Pressure treated base pads:
   - designed to ease mobility.
   - keeps the pet house floor off the cold, wet ground in winter, spring and
   - allows for cooling circulation in the summer.
Roof design allows easy access to the heating/cooling unit and into
the interior of the pet compartment
for easy total maintainance!
           Constructed using unfinished, exterior grade sheathing on all exposed surfaces for
long life and freedom of choice of color & finish for your distinctive pet house!
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All wood interior and exterior for safety, durability, higher insulation value,
                            and a natural surroundings feel.
Adjustable, floor mounted switch ensures operation only occurs while your pet is within the house.
Insulated door panels:
  -  made from soft durable material for your pets safety and comfort.
  -  easily cleaned and removed for seasonal use
  -  allows your curious pets to poke their head out just to see what is going
LED indicator light allows you see when the heating/cooling
unit is in operation indicating that your pet is safe within their
Also includes a solar charge controller to properly and safely maintain your battery's charge!
I wish I had a
house with
climate control
"The Heated and Cooled Pet House" is designed with your pet's safety the main
Independent power source allows the house to be easily
moved, each season, to the shade or sun, without the hassle of
moving or installing dangerous, high voltage, electrical lines!
Designed to work in temperatures from 0 deg. F to 110
deg. F
                    (more extreme homes coming soon!)
Solar Innovations home
I like the fact that I can spend more time outdoors
when the sun is shining, knowing that I have a warm
place of my own to go to, without having to bother my
master every half hour, then I can let myself out again
whenever I'm ready!
- Spike
This means you now have your own, backup, solar
power too!
       Just add a small inverter for emergency AC power!
A battery is not included with The Heated and Cooled Pet House or The Solar Pet House
battery sizing page will help you choose the correct battery to suit your needs.
The included solar panel should sufficiently maintain your battery's charge
for many years of use.  And an upgrade to a 75-80 watt solar panel will provide
enough power to operate the house during the daylight hours and to charge
your battery, reserving maximum battery power for night time use.