Solar Pet House Heater
  Each kit contains: One DC powered heating unit with all necessary wiring, accessories,
installation hardware and complete instructions with examples and illustrations for
Easily installs into new and existing pet homes.
Heater maintains both pet and battery compartments!
* Requirements for minimum design temperature.
   1 - The pet compartment must be  insulated with an average value of R14. See graph above..
        (This can be obtained by using a total of 2" of reflective type, rigid, foam insulation)
   2 - The pet house must contain a separate, ventilated, battery compartment. (This space may be added
         to existing homes and will also contain other components necessary for operation.)
   3 - The pet house must contain a minimum verticle space, between the ceiling of pet compartment and
         roof of the house, of 5", with a minimum area of 18" x 10" to accomodate heater.
   4 - The pet house must contain some type of pet door. Insulated if possible.
   5 - The battery must be of the deep cycle lead acid type, preferably sealed.
Designed to work down to 10 below zero!
One 20"x 30" pet sensing switching pad and remote bulb thermostat for power savings and heat control.
Comes with complete, easy to follow instructions along with
examples for installation into the most common types of pet houses.
One 20 Watt unbreakable photovoltaic panel and one solar charge controller for proper battery recharging.
Because Old Sol knows:Warm batteries are more efficient than cold ones and hot ones!
LED indicator light that lets you know when the heater is
operating and that your pet is safe within their home.
No damp materials or padding to create unhealthy mold and meldew!
Clean, dry heat source removes moisture that attracts fleas and other pests!
Independent power source means no hazardous, high voltage, electrical connections!
* Though the Solar Pet House Heater is designed to ensure your pet has a safe, warm place of its own, the
makers of the Solar Pet House Heater do not recommend that any pet be subjected to extreme weather
conditions that may be harmful to their health and well being, even with the added luxury of a heated home!
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Ordering and pricing
          The graph below represents the insulation value
      recommended with corresponding pet house sizes
To obtain the volume of your pet house, multiply the interior
length by the width and height.              (LxWxH)
To obtain the surface area,multiply the length and width of each of
the interior walls, ceiling and floor.      2(LxW+LxH +WxH)
in^3 / 1728 = ft^3        in^2 / 144 = ft^2         
The temperatures reflected in the graph below are based on a house volume of
12 FT^3 with a full insulation value of R-14, an outside temperature of -10 F,
and  temperature losses, due to heat loss, from 75 to 25%.
T return is the temperature leaving the heating unit based upon an initial
temperature of -10 F and return air temp.
    eg. If Tout of unit=100 F   then at 75% temp. loss  T return=25F
Inside T is the temperature of the house with respect to operating time and
return air temperature percentage.(The thermostat will limit this temperature)
Heats the air in the house and does not heat your pet directly,
like heating pads, which may cause unseasonal shedding!
Battery sizing
Does not include battery