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                               One of the largest uses for solar energy is to heat water!
Heating water with the sun is a naturally occuring phenomenon that has been going on for billions of years. Just think of
how your favorite local swimming hole, not to mention the world's oceans, gets warmer as the sun shines. With the
potential to heat such large quatities of water all over the earth,  you can only wonder why everyone does not use this
abundant energy source to provide for their water heating needs. Solar water heating also reduces emissions created by
the use of fossil fuels such as gas and oil for heating water as well as those emmisions associated with electricity
generation. There are several
types of solar heating systems that are commonly used for most fluid heating applications.
One of the best uses for solar hot water is for your domestic hot water needs!
Hot water heating is the largest consumer of energy in most homes. Independent solar hot water systems
are perfect for the volume of hot water needed for most families. Most systems heat and circulate water
within collectors and tanks for storage either by
thermosyphon or mechanical means. Other systems, that
may operate in colder climates, incorporate a heat exchanging fluid, such as glycol, in conjunction with
solar hot water collectors and a heat exchanger tank or external heat exchanger.
The second most used application for solar water heating is swimming pool heating! Since heating
large quantities of water can be very expensive, solar water heating is the logical choice. Systems can be
designed using high temperature and low temperature collectors. The size of the system will determine the
amout of time it will take to raise a volume of water by a desired temperature.
         Advances in heating technology make solar the perfect choice to offset home heating cost!
-Water temperatures gained using solar are perfect for use in radiant heating systems,  so it just makes sense to
incorporate solar.  Conventional radiant heating methods raise water temperatures higher, requiring mixing and cooling
of the water to be delivered to the heating zones. This results in a greater loss and waste of energy for which you have
to pay.
-SHW can be sent to individual rooms or sunspaces with radiant heat from which hot air can be delivered to other parts
of the house,  to a hot water to hot air exchanger, or to cast iron radiators that have been converted to be used with
forced hot water.
-SHW can be gained from sunspaces and distributed thoughout your home or to your hot water or hot air system.
-SHW heating can also be used in vacation homes and outbuildings and animal shelters to maintain warm, indoor
temperatures to prevent cold weather damage at little or no operating cost.
                         Water pasteurization is the key to obtaining potable water from a water source
                                        that otherwise may be tainted with harmful organic organisms!
   Filtering can remove small particles and most microscopic organisms depending on the filter type and micron rating (This
determines the size particle that the filter will remove). Systems generally consist of a sediment filter in conjunction with a
carbon filter for potable water. Other systems such as water softeners, remove or neutralize elements, such as copper, zinc and
iron, that can cause hard water. Chlorinization requires precise amounts of chlorine to kill bacteria but must be such as to keep
the levels of chlorine safe for consumption.
  Pasteutization kills water borne bacteria and microbes such as giardia and cysts, cryptosporidium and worms. Besides
consumption, pasteurized water can be used for medical purposes such as washing wounds and other medical proceedures to
reduce infections caused by tainted water. Pastuerization, though similar to boiling water, does not require the higher
temperatures associated with boiling, rather a temperature and time relationship. Pasteurization can take place by maintaining a
minimum temperature around 150 F for ten to fifteen minutes. Higher temperatures reduce the amount of time needed to kill the
water borne organisms. These lower temperatures make solar the economical choice for water pasteurization.
     Note: Pasteurization will only destroy organic matter and will not destroy or remove
                                              deadly toxins that may be introduced to water supplies!
Sanitation and energy conservation are the key uses for solar showers! Showering, next to laundy,
is the largest consumer of hot water on the domestic level. Solar showers can be designed for direct use or
in conjunction with a larger solar hot water system. Solar showers are perfect for rural applications where
only cold spring water is available, making bathing uncomfortable or time consuming when other methods
of water heating are required. The pool area is another great location for a solar shower.     
At times when potable water services are interupted, either through line
breaks or natural disasters such as floods, contamination of the water
supply can sometimes take place and may not be suitable for consumption
until lines are repaired and flushed. Having a supply of pasteurized water or
the ability to filter and  pasteurize water without the use of local utilites can
be crucial if the supply is tainted for a long period of time.
Small pasteurization systems can be carried on trips, in conjunction with
portable filtration devices,  where carrying a supply of fresh water is not an
option, and where available water supplies may be questionable.
Larger systems for pasteurizing water supplies can be installed. These
system can be made totally automatic to produce enough clean water for
many peoples daily uses.
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 Types of solar hot water heaters we install;

Vaugh Manufacturing
80-120 gallon
Stone lined construction - 7 yr. manufacturers warranty
Direct exchange -  w/wo electric backup
Heat exchange   -  w/wo electric backup
40- 80 -120 gallon
Heat exchange / direct exchange
Stainless steel construction - limited lifetime warranty

-All conventional domestic, gas/elec. hot water heaters
used in conjunction with an external heat exchanger.
Domestic hot
  Complete SHW service for
domestic hot water, heating and pools.

-System checks
-System flush / drain / winterizing  
-Glycol recharge w/ non-toxic antifreeze   
-Controls - troubleshooting / repair / replace
-Pump service -repair / replace
-Plumbing and valves - repair / replace
-Safety valves
-Temperature/pressure gauges
-Hot water panel construction and repair
installing solar